Who can be nominated for the award?
We welcome nominations from any broadcast interview. The award is open to any broadcast company in the UK, radio or television.

How do I enter?
Fill in the online Entry Form.

How should I send the audio/ video interview to you?
For Radio upload the audio to Audioboo on the Entry Form page. However, if the audio file is too large to upload, send it via SendSpace. For TV use SendSpace (details on How to Enter page and on the Entry Form).

I am having problems forwarding my audio or video clip. Who should I contact?
Please email enquiries@nickclarkeaward.co.uk.

When do applications close?
31 August 2016.

Who are the potential winners?
Potential winners are presenters/ interviewers who left a strong impression on the audience; interviews that provided a deeper understanding of their subject matter or that were particularly memorable. Nominees for the award will not need to use a particular interviewing technique and the interview need not be political.

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